Homes are pending before I can see them!

Homes are pending before I can see them!

So few homes available, and those that are…are already pending sale!

Under Contract

You are likely looking around for your next home online. You click on the listing and it looks great. You go back to see it again and can’t find it. I am sure you noticed that homes don’t last very long on the market. By the time you see them online, many are already pending. That’s frustrating. What can you do? How can you be the one who sees the New Listings?

Want to see the house first?

Many buyers have searches set up for them by realtors. We can do that for you. Start with where you want your next home located, how much you want to pay, how many bedrooms, bathrooms (by the way, once you have two bathrooms you cannot go back to one!), do you want a garage, basement, etc? We will set up a free search for you using your criteria. That way when a home comes on the market that is something you would like to find, we will send you an email right away. (Click here to set up YOUR search today)

Let’s go see it!

When something peaks your interest, let’s go see it. This is my favorite part of the job and the only way to know if you love it is to walk through. You will want to see the layout, amenities, etc. And you can’t smell it from pictures. Pictures may look fabulous yet the mold smell, or the animal smell may be overwhelming. Realtors take the best pictures to post in their listings so the undesireable photos don’t show up.

Set up your showing today, and we can help you on your way to buying a new home.

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